Akshaya Krishnamoorthy

Akshaya explores intentional migration and its societal, ritualistic, tactile and experiential consequences. While exploring and questioning the idea of a home and belonging as she currently lives in home city number six, maps have become an ubiquitous part of her practice.
Within this exhibition the maps that have take over the space have gone through a vast spectrum of deconstruction. On one hand they manage to raise questions concerning borders, spaces and how we define the territorial or else they act as a point of departure for a narrative around the social spaces within the urban.
Plants that react to tactility allowing spectators to engage with them and spaces that encourage the summertime barefootedness adds layers to this experience. As one begins to raise questions and develop an understanding of identity these works attempt to break the idea of a binary-ish understanding of the societal and migrational.

Artist at work
Mimosa Pudica

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Born in a fairly big city in the South of India, Akshaya since then has consistently moved cities and eventually countries as she now lives between Prague and Ostrava in Czech Republic. Looking back at her first show in 2012 co-authored with a friend and artist one can see how spaces have played a vital role in her practice. She moved on to finish her Bachelors with a specialization in sculpture from Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in 2015. Over the years her fascination with places and identity within them has matured and developed into a nuanced narrative. As Akshaya questions the sense of being groundless and unanchored and the social and emotional consequences attached to it with the help of her personal migrational history she raises questions and builds a narrative of a migrational identity. She currently lives in Prague where she is on the threshold of finishing her Masters in Fine Art and plans to continue making Prague and Ostrava home for the foreseeable future.