David Cerny

One could understand David’s work as an attempt to build a post anthropocentric narrative. His exploration has three basic visual interpretations - an installation of objects, a video installation and the “workshop of a mad scientist”. Nature and the rooted gets explored, recorded, translated and transported in the abstract. Through these works he attempts to bring forward observations of and from nature in different forms and through different possibilities of interactivity. While bringing forth his personal viewpoint from a space that is very close to him he hopes to put the viewers in troublesome, disturbing, calming and serene landscapes that they are encouraged to interact with actively or passively.

david_fire makes heat.jpgfire makes heat.jpgdavid_moos.jpgmoos.jpgdavid_sicientist in pond.jpgsicientist in pond.jpgdavid_swamp 2.0 _ cinema.jpgswamp 2.0 _ cinema.jpgDavid_DSC06519.jpgDSC06519.jpgDavid_DSC06524.jpgDSC06524.jpgDavid_DSC06533.jpgDSC06533.jpgDavid_DSC06534.jpgDSC06534.jpg

David’s art consists of elements of nature, wood, LCD screens, video sequences and installations inside of objects.
For David, it is important to focus on the details; for that is where the magic lies.
Last year, he was very positively influenced by his mentor, Matěj Smetana, who helped him to enjoy what he was doing; while maintaining focus and intent.
The first result of researching this area was an installation at an art school expo, known as Pokoje in 2017. The second was a co-authored exhibition with Tommy Jay in an industrial space in the district of Prague 5 – Smichov in early spring 2018.
In late spring 2018, David will showcase an important co-authored exhibition with his classmates from the Fine Art and Future Design Master programs at Prague College.