Michal Illek

Michal takes a peek into our consumer culture and the appalling range of how one uses disposables. Specifically, the bottled water phenomenon and the environmental pollution that it is causing. Nestled in sync with the zero waste movement and the exploration of creating products that last a lifetime, Michal has developed a prototype for a water filter.
His long-lasting water filter prototype is designed to reduce environmental pollution.
Throughout his project, attempts were made to naturally integrate the device into the ordinary life of a wide range of people. Furthermore, his work offers security and convenience through it’s petite and on-the-go casing. This device is meant to work with existing bottles designs that make the filter easy to use. Michal applied the motto of: “Firstly Reuse, Then Reduce,” to create something in the realm of sustainability. This point of reference goes hand-in-hand with the methodology used for the final prototype concept.


Michal devotes himself to artistic work, as well as to sports. He believes the way we create and design reflects our lives.
He has always been interested in innovative approaches and marketing to ensure the success of well-known brands. According to him, those are the ways to reach out to a typical and hurried contemporary customer.
Michal alway likes to address the observer with something that has a sophisticated solution. That is why he is not trying to stay only in his specialisation because he also interested in editing videos, creating of visual effects, drawing, painting and working with new internet schemes.
Lastly, Michal likes to work in a stressful environment, although he always says otherwise.