Mike Jelinek

Mike strips down senses to prove we are adaptable to any environment. We experience a full set of sensory interactions in any reality even when our sensory inputs are limited. Interpreting his work as a simulation of the “real” world in a digital reality is a naive and literal translation of the possibilities this experience could offer.
Our senses only contribute to our brain’s perception of reality and our consciousness. We are capable of accessing our brain in many other forms. Inside of Mike’s virtual world he has created a space that allows one to explore this possibility. Within this experience one is only limited to vision, sound and location. Yet it allows a full interaction within a reality. This serves as a great example of the sense/skill capacities that are quite alien to human as he explores echolocation; with a combination of sight and sound.

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Mike is a concept product/transportation designer with clients such as: Nike, VW, Skoda Auto, Pilsner Urquell and Scarpar. As a concept artist, Mike’s clientele includes: Blur Studio and Orior Dynamics. He is a VR artist as well as an evangelist. — He is also an Autodesk concept design expert, creator and educator of digital sketching (2d and 3d) curriculum (clients: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Honda, Audi).

Since Mike was always questioning the ways in which we perceive and create, he was starving for the knowledge beyond his career. Therein lies the reason for deciding to explore this field in his post-graduate studies at Prague College.