Laura Kuklova

In a rapidly digitizing age (and the pressure to perform steadily growing) it is the children that get handed the most stressful end of the stick. With this in mind, Laura explores the possibility of a companion that gives this (allegedly) alienating technology a better face.
Montey is a companion for children, created as a result of a participatory design process with children. This product is a robotic buddy which incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to accomplish its goal. Montey’s aim is to assist children in overcoming pressure from their daily lives by helping with their school routines and social issues. This product has been designed specifically for the early teenage age bracket. The group of four co-designers who were involved in the process belonged to this age group. They explored various design methods and were introduced to design process and methodologies under Laura’s leadership. Through these methods, they were able to discuss and think critically about the role AI and modern technology plays in our lives. This conversational feedback was crucial in understanding the role of technology, in the lives of these children today, and how it can help shape their lives better, which was a monumental contribution to designing Montey’s personality.


Laura is a curious explorer in the endless sea of art and design. She comes from a little village in West Bohemia, near Pilsen. As an alumni of an artistic high school, Laura has had a chance to try out many art and design approaches. Moving forward, she decided to spend some time exploring graphic design during her undergraduate studies, while still keeping in touch with the craftwork area in her works. Completing the Master of Future Design studies gave her the opportunity to delve into new fields. Now, based in Prague, Laura is interested in questioning topics in the realm of art and design, of which she merely touched upon in the past. She takes the opportunity to be a creative problem-solver and desires to continue evolving as a designer, while looking towards the future.