Madeline Grendel

Madeline within her project 313 explores nostalgia, abandonment, transformation and decay through sound. The stimuli for the sounds derives from Detroit, a place this artist calls home and bears the 313 area code which served as an inspiration for the title of this project. Madeline is drawn to the abandoned buildings along Woodward to the bleary hovels down 6 mile. Growing up in Detroit she is filled with memories of driving with her father as he pointed out decrepit boarded-up crack houses and burned-out brothels. In the last two years Madeline has gone back to finding the beauty in decay as she lives in Prague - the opposite spectrum of the grim reality she grew up around.
As a trained musician she uses the violin as her tool to merge and manipulate the sounds of these ruins until the sound itself becomes challenging to unbraid. She creates an alluring response to her location, surroundings and sound environment; both the real and nostalgic. While doing this she has explored, questioned, prodded and challenged a system of capitalism that has aided to the ruins she calls home.

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A Michigan native, Madeline resides in Prague, Czech Republic with her fiancé and works as an International Consultant and freelance photographer. She has travelled to twenty-one countries capturing a plethora of images, which she adds to her never-ending archive.
She graduated from Principia College with bachelor degrees in Fine Art and Political Science and a minor in Music - emphasizing on violin performance.
While pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts at Prague College, she delves into the realm of sound art. Madeline uses her violin to manipulate sounds that are reminiscent of nostalgia and decay. Over the past two years, she has found her inspiration from the obscure and not necessarily beautiful, which prompts her to bring the sounds of modern day ruins in Detroit to Prague.